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Are you aware of what invoice finance is, and the benefits it can bring your SME?

Customer loyalty doesn’t happen by chance nor does it happen overnight. Between your work ethic, innovation, and response to a market need, your SME is in demand for a reason and if customers repeatedly seek you out, you’re doing something right.

Consider your unrivalled customer service, the catchy marketing schemes that take an inordinate amount of time, and your overall steadfast commitment to quality that perpetuates your sales and reputation. These are but some of the reasons why you’re reputable and even though your sales reflect this, you might still scratch your head at the strain on cash flow.

The chances are you’re in the same predicament as many SME owners who grapple with the last leg of the sales cycle, chasing payment. The subtext is emotional and therefore the hardest actualise but tightening your terms around payment invariably leads to greater cash flow, access to capital, and a happy supply chain.

“Conversely, without cash in the bank, the greater ecosystem of your business becomes vulnerable and thus your attention is diverted away from growing your business.”

The good news is, Grow Finance’s Invoice Financing can provide a stress-free solution to early access of unpaid invoices that will allow you to cover regular outgoings, salaries, and supplier costs. Property security is not a requirement for Grow Finance nor are the other traditional barriers to entry held up by bank-lenders such as credit score or history. As long as you’ve been operational for 6 months, you can apply for up to 80% of your unpaid invoices and have them within 24 hours. Grow Finance’s focus on speed, flexibility and accessibility stems from their belief that all SME owners should be behind the wheel driving business growth without the stresses of payment delays or the laborious task that come with it.

Now visualise what you can achieve with a clear and focused mind. Your suppliers are paid, the staff have received their bonuses and all orders are shipped on the back of your operational nous. Invoice Financing is not only a way to reduce your payment lag from 90 days to 1 but is the best remedy to the complications that occur from the “she’ll be right” approach. Entrepreneurs and SME owners alike have almost too much willingness to respond to challenges.



It’s what got you to where you are and it’s a trait of intelligence. Some challenges shouldn’t exist, namely the excessive forecasting and retrieval of invoices that occur from low cash reserves. As a driven and adaptable SME owner, your problem-solving ability will be regularly called upon when driving business growth, and having the cash flow to satisfy your on-costs will in turn sustain customer satisfaction.

Grow Finance understands that without servicing freight costs, customers may experience delays. Without compensated staff, customer service might decline. These are real risks if your SME continues to operate on strained cash flow not to mention the threat posed to your bottom line. Luckily, Grow Finance’s Invoice Financing is the sturdy bedrock in which your business can lean on and keep all stakeholders of its ecosystem satisfied, driven and compensated.

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