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How can seasonal SMEs maintain a positive cash flow during the off-season?

It is not uncommon for a small or medium-sized business to endure struggling with cash flow. Maintaining a healthy cash flow can be a stressful task that SMEs have to deal with every day. Often this struggle comes from the gap between sending out invoices and waiting for payment. Many small and medium-sized businesses can easily have most of their cash tied up in unpaid invoices, leading to stress and frustration for many.

However, being the owner or manager of an SME that is a seasonal business can be a lot more complicated. Having a seasonal business may, at times, feel like a roller-coaster when some months your cash flow is on a high, while others will feel like your cash flow is plummeting.

Though having a seasonal business doesn’t exactly mean that your cash flow needs to fall flat in the off-season. There are many ways that a seasonal business can create effective strategies to help maintain a healthy cash flow right throughout the financial year, and not just through the high periods.



First and foremost, you can focus strongly on your businesses budget. You must manage your cashflow very carefully by budgeting both your high and low seasons. This can better set you up to get through the slow season successfully.

If you find that your cash flow is depleting during your off-season this may also be a great time to focus on your businesses growth. Utilise your off-season carefully so that you can be sure to come back even stronger once the busy period gets started again.

During this off-season time, you can also attempt to figure out ways to diversify your business. If you can discover another way for your business to boost your cash flow in the off-season, you won’t need to necessarily keep having an off-season. If you can find something that your clients or customers may need during the off-season that you aren’t providing, then it is a great way to ditch the roller-coaster.

While this isn’t always an option for some SMEs, there is another great option that you can choose to undertake. If you need to maintain a positive cash flow during the off-season, then invoice finance is a great choice. Invoice finance can help any SME struggling with season cash flow issues to overcome these issues and remove the stress of the off-season.



Accessing invoice finance from a non-bank lender is a great path for SMEs who are struggling with cash flow. Grow Finance helps a range of SMEs to gain control of their cash flow, through their range of tailored finance solutions, specifically targeted towards small and medium sized businesses.

If your seasonal business needs that extra helping hand, then Grow Finance can deliver Invoice Finance that can provide you with a consistent source of working capital, which can assist to mitigate your cash flow problems. This type of financing solution comes with very low risk, as it is secured by your own businesses outstanding invoices.

You shouldn’t waste any time getting your finances on track, so apply through Grow Finance’s fast and flexible application process today, so that you have less to worry about tomorrow.

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